Prabu Balasubramanyan

Executive Director

Prabu Balasubramanyan serves as the Executive Director for TransSys solutions. In this role...

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Khalil M. Al-Hindwan

Vice President - Sales And Business Development

In a career spanning 15 Years, Khalil has built an expansive repository of...

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Arun Cutinho

Director - Operations

An engineering graduate with over 18 years of technology experience, Arun...

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Venkatakrishnan Srinivasan

Director – India Development Centre

Venkat is a Chartered Accountant with over 17 years of diversified industry...

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Vishnu Sundaramurthy

Director of Global Delivery

Vishnu is a Chartered Accountant with 20 plus years of experiences...

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Rohan Lasrado

Director – Sales And Business Development

Rohan serves as the Director for Sales and Business development for the Middle...

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Shivmoorthy Shivaraman

Director – Enterprise Applications

Shiv has been at the helm of offering Oracle based solutions for about 13 years...

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Muthuselvan Renganathan

Director – CxM Solutions

Muthu serves as Practice Head for our Customer experience solutions...

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Martin Mungai

Sales Director – Eastern Africa And SADC

Martin serves as the Sales Director - Eastern Africa and SADC for TransSys Solutions...

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Shanmuga Ganesh

Director- ASEAN & SAGE

Shanmuga Ganesh known as Shan in the ASEAN Market spans around 17+ Years in...

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S. Anand


Anand has over 27 years of experience with more than two decades as ...

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