Digital technologies are transforming the way enterprises create revenue and results via innovative strategies, products, processes and experiences. The recent explosive growth in mobile computing is on enterprise radars everywhere. This technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years and many experts argue that the future of computer technology rests in mobile computing.

TransSys’ answer to this wave is an exclusive mobile solution offering. Internally developed and prototyped, MobeBiz is a pathbreaking integrated & unified mobile application offering the convenience of accessing the predominant Oracle EBS information anywhere, anytime.

With MobeBiz you can keep track even while travelling or from a remote location as also within your office. Built on Oracle JET, the app is available both on Android and Apple devices. This is a first of its kind application, integrated with Oracle EBS on all the modules such as Financials, SCM and HRMS and can be accessed through the internet and can be integrated with any EBS Domain and the associated functionality.

MobeBiz offers cutting-edge features that simplifies and accelerates the process to mobilize customer’s business.

With MobeBiz, TransSys helps enterprises to:

Enable multiple mobile Oracle EBS functionalities quickly

Enable even legacy custom applications to interact with mobility through purpose built APIs

Adopt the key aspect of Digital Transformation and gain agility

Boost your revenues
and reduce costs

Improved Tracking, Detailed reports and in-depth insights

MobeBiz Brochure