partnered with TransSys to rapidly Deliver and Monetize Digital Lifestyle Services.

When the TV is on your palm and not the wall, when video is the new king of content, when sharing has come to mean broadcasting, the telecom industry is looking at an unprecedented shift of the norm. Reinvention is therefore imperative. Better connectivity and a constantly improving experience are non-negotiable.

At this juncture, you are faced with the twin challenges of managing your legacy hardware/software applications and providing cutting edge solutions for new devices and applications.

TransSys’ suite of solutions helps you face these challenges with ease. We focus on your operational efficiency and keep a check on your costs as you think up new business models and inventive ways to wow and stay in touch with your digital consumers.

Leveraging our expertise over the complete telecom value chain, we are enabling the communications service providers change the rule of games with fast, efficient and future proof systems. TransSys has been involved in about 6 transformation programs of incumbent telecom operators in the region

Faster time to market through integrated end-to-end offer design configuration

Superior visibility and customer experience through advanced order management capabilities and integrations

Low-cost, agile deployment through ‘as a service’ set up

Lower risk of fallouts and reduced operational burden through robust platform approach

Enterprise Resource Planning

Supply Chain Management

Customer Experience Management

Human Capital Management

Fusion Middleware

Enterprise Performance Management

Business Intelligence

RaDICS for Telecom

Cloud Solution

Mobility Solution




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