PaaS for SaaS extensions - TransSys developers are helping organization to extend SaaS application by connecting with it and extending it with automatic or manual processes. These extensions also allow organization to focus on improving the processes & empower end-users. TransSys has built following extensions to offer competitive edge, handle unique and specific user requirement:

Extensions for HCM Cloud

  • Self Service for Travel Management
  • Self Service for Payroll Benefits Claim & Administration
  • Self Service for Employee facing requests that are unique to the region

Extensions for ERP Cloud

Bank Facility Management

  • Letter of Credit
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Bank Limits management

Business Scenarios

Internal use of simple PaaS services (e.g. build and deploy new applications in the cloud) within your organization

Rapid and deep use of PaaS for SaaS (e.g. integrate applications in the cloud) within your organization, with multiple departments using the services

Advanced PaaS for SaaS (e.g. deploy new mobile capabilities or support new processes on the top of SaaS) within your organization

Your existing on premise applications and architectures are modified and streamlined to leverage the benefits of PaaS in a coexistence model (e.g. embedded social and analytics capabilities in SaaS and on premise applications)

All your application deployments are automated, with orchestration systems automatically locating data and applications in the appropriate cloud location, and migrating them according to business requirements, transparently, in a complete SaaS and PaaS model