Customer Data Management

CDM Exceptional Customer Data Management capabilities offered by TransSys

Organizations are faced with a multitude of challenges

Data Governance due to lack of definition measurement, and accountability

360° view of customer data across the organization

Data Management due to errors and variation across various application

TransSys Customer Data Management Cloud (CDM) offers exceptional customer data management capabilities on a subscription-based SaaS platform. CDM Cloud is a simple, quick, and scalable solution that any organization can use to consolidate account and contact data originating from multiple sources, verify addresses, resolve duplicate record issues, and ensure a “best version” customer profile that can be trusted by the entire organization.

Unleash power of the TransSys Customer Data Management to

Make more data-driven decisions

Increase effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Generate 360° view of the customer data across the organization

Improve sales with the right accounts to the right sales rep

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